What I learned building an eight-figure candle business
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In this edition, an interesting read about building a successful physical business. Plus a deep dive in the world's greatest tech investor Peter Thiel. The two featured products help you create awesome product photos and help you to hire complex tooling experts. The tweet is from Ryan Holiday on true wealth.

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Unlock your imagination with Colorful. Design a scene, place your objects, take gorgeously realistic photos. All in your browser.


Get a live, vetted U.S.-based expert to screen share and help you with using 30+ popular tools, including Facebook Ads, WordPress, Sheets, and Data Studio.

Peter Thiel’s Religion

We’ll study religion through the lens of Peter Thiel. He’s an investor who found wealth in PayPal, a student who found wisdom in Libertarian ideals, and a philosopher who found faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So You Want to Launch a Physical Product

What I learned building an eight-figure candle business
Improve you Facebook ads
Paid.social is a blog with high quality articles on how to setup high performing Facebook ads.
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