Startups are changing: Bootstrapped, cash generative, and growing like crazy.
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Hey there, you're reading issue #61 

Big thank you to everyone last week that showed support for the newsletter! All of you seemed to love the idea of a telegram group, so I've made a private group for all those that support The Slice with a coffee, and you will be added to the group FOREVER. 

In in other news, the last week has been pretty crazy for me to the point where last night I hadn't written anything for todays issue. Im currently in that uncomfortable stage of my life where my old self is gone but my new self isn't fully born yet. As of now I'm in the midst of a transformation that I'm super stoked about but also fearful with because of the uncertainly that lies ahead of me - this kinda gives me a little kick too. 

Decided to keep todays intro a little shorter than usual as I spent most of today trying to get a vaccine shot. Was Successful!

- Nic 

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This weeks catches 🎣
Here are some dope tools that I discovered this week.


SigmaOS is a new type of macOS browser made for work. It's as fast as Safari, and it's built around workspaces and multitasking.  

Flat File

Background animation pack
Flat File is an import button that lets the users of your web app drop in files they want in a matter of minutes


Minimalist is a password manager for Apple devices. that lets you autofill without browser extensions and generate 2FA codes with industry standard 256-bit end-to-end encryption.

Newsletters 🚀

My picks of dope newsletters for this week.
This weeks newsletter of the week is Find That Pod, A weekly newsletter bringing you 5 new Podcasts you’ll want to listen to.

I'm a big fan of podcasts and I listen to them regularly in the background when doing most things. This newsletter is pretty straight forward and I've discovered many amazing podcasts because of this that I probably would have otherwise brushed under the rug if I wasn't subscribed. If you're a podcast fan then this newsletter is definitely worth your time. Check it out

Interesting reads  📚

There's a lot of crap on the internet, here's a gem or two.
It’s hard to be a moral person. Technology is making it harder..
"Digital distractions such as social media and smartphones wreak havoc on our attention spans. Could they also be making us less ethical?"

An old friend had posted a status update saying he needed to rush to the hospital because he was having a health crisis. I half-choked on my tea and stared at my laptop. I recognized the post as a plea for support. I felt fear for him, and then … I did nothing about it, because I saw in another tab that I’d just gotten a new email and went to check that instead. Read More

The rise of the one-person unicorn
The way we build startups is changing, and with that change comes the rise of a new breed of company: bootstrapped, cash generative, and growing like crazy. Read more

Setting better goals (watch)
Here is a great little video on goal setting and why it's more effective to ask yourself these 4 questions  to help you set better long or short term goals. Watch now

Why is it so hard to be rational.
"The real challenge isn’t being right but knowing how wrong you might be."

I met the most rational person I know during my freshman year of college. Greg (not his real name) had a tech-support job in the same computer lab where I worked, and we became friends. I planned to be a creative-writing major; Greg told me that he was deciding between physics and economics. He’d choose physics if he was smart enough, and economics if he wasn’t—he thought he’d know within a few months, based on his grades. He chose economics. Read more 

Learnings 💡
12 time-tested strategies for writing better copy, faster.
Here is a great twitter thread on copywriting about one of the highest paid copywriters: Gary Halbert Read more

Finding your tribe on Twitter. 
Twitter is actually a really awesome place to build an audience and I personally think that the Twitter DM button in the new LinkedIn. Here is great little resource on how you can find your tribe on Twitter. Check it out
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Written by Nic | Sandymount Green, Dublin, Dublin, D04 H319, Ireland