As a new milestone has been reached, it made reflect on the days gone and the size of the newsletter.
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Today I thought I'd share a small win for the newsletter. As of today The Slice is being sent out to 2058 of you. To a few of you, it may not really sound like a lot of people, but I guess in todays day and age, reaching 2k people can be easily done on Twitter or Instagram effortlessly. It gave me a real perspective when I thought about putting that many people in a room and saying a speech.

When I was in high school I did a toast masters course. It's basically a public speaking course that comprises of you making 10 speeches that each cover a certain area and goal that helps you become a better public speaker. Each speech you make needs to be said in front of an audience and for each speech, its either a pass for fail, so it's safe to say you will do a few speeches more than once.

I did this because when I was a child, I developed a very bad stutter and it made me very self-conscious to talk in front of people or even a large amount of people for that matter, and for a long time I even went to speech therapy. Thankfully by the time I got high school, the stutter wasn't really there anymore (it kinda was and it kinda wasn't) but I still wanted to be a better speaker both in everyday conversation and in front of a large crowed of people.

Somehow I managed to finish the program and for my final speech I spoke for 7 minutes in front 1500 people. It was nerve wracking to the say the least, but a weird feeling knowing that I spoke for that long and in front of that many people without having any "ticks" as I like to call them. 

To think now that I'm writing to over 2k of you is pretty insane, and it made compare the current size of The Slice to the amount of people I spoke in front of. To help give you a better idea of crowd size, here is a little blog post that helps you visualise crowd sizes and as somebody that had a tiny speech disorder, it was definitely a highlight in my life. And yes...I have now grown out of my stutter, but sadly there are a lot of people that don't :( 

I'd like to ask you a bit a favour. I have a survey that I would really appreciate if you could fill out. It will help me a lot to find who I'm actually writing to and how the newsletter can improved. You can fill out the survey here 

- Nic  Sponsor 
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This weeks catches 🎣
Here are some dope tools that I discovered this week.


Notabase is a powerful and easy-to-use note-taking app. Connect your ideas together and write more effortlessly.


Butternut allows you to automate the interactions between your SaaS while combining them with human actions.


Loopple is a drag & drop dashboard builder that helps you create beautiful and dynamic admin panels for your startup and business in minutes.

Newsletters 🚀

My picks of dope newsletters for this week.
This weeks newsletter of the week is Creativerly, a weekly digest about creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources, combined with useful insights, articles, and findings from the fields of design and tech.

Creativerly has been a newsletter that my own newsletter has grown along side with and I love the work that Philipp does and continues to do. He also happens to be a dear friend and his newsletter is definitely one that I look forward to each week and you'd probably enjoy as well. Check him out. 

Interesting reads  📚

There's a lot of crap on the internet, here's a gem or two.
You Aren't Lazy. You Just Need To Slow Down.
Laziness is usually a warning sign from our bodies and our minds that something is not working," Price says. "The human body is so incredible at signaling when it needs something. But we have all learned to ignore those signals as much as possible because they're a threat to our productivity and our focus at work." Read More

Spotting trends: the tricks used by trend catchers. 
Numerous experts, true predictors of the future, have made it their mission to identify the strong and weak signals that infuse our society. What do they have in common? A thirst for discovery, boundless curiosity but also, and this is important, a certain sense of imagination." Read more

The Making of a Brand.
An amazing thing about life before 1850 is that most people never experienced a world more than a few dozen miles outside of their birthplace.

Life was local. You ate food grown in your town. Your house was made of local lumber. Your clothes woven by a local seamstress. Bulk commodities were traded far and wide. But finished goods were a local affair. You knew the person who made them. That person was often yourself. Read more

The Mathematics of Cancel Culture
"That thrill of x-ing out, no doubt, also plays a part in the popularity of so-called cancel culture—a default way of dealing, it seems, across the political and social spectrum. There’s none of the surgical precision of arithmetic. It’s broader and more brutal—less like math and more like the Queen of Hearts in Alice: Off with their heads!". Read more 
Learnings & Resources 💡
Creator Stash.
If you're looking for a Library of tools you can use to get started in the creator space, this might be for you. It's a library of tools for creators to create, grow, manage and monetize your side hustles.. Read more

SaaS email templates.
If you your looking to up your email copy game, here is a collection of resources and templates to help that you can use for your SaaS. Check it out
​​​​Classifieds - Save time with easy-to-use, automated browser testing. Ensure that your website or web app works and looks like it should. No coding is required.
Landing Page Hot Tips - Strengthen your landing pages with 100 design, development and conversion tips.
EmailOctopus - Email marketing made easy. Simple, powerful tools to grow your business. Easy to use, quick to master and all at an affordable price.
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Written by Nic | Sandymount Green, Dublin, Dublin, D04 H319, Ireland