This week we wanted to provide you two sources as you prepare for the Supreme Court's abortion ruling.
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Welcome, Emma!

This is my last time writing the Source of the Week newsletter! NPR's new Diverse Sources intern, Emma Hall, will be taking over the database and sending you sources. You can stay in touch with me on Twitter. It’s truly been a pleasure writing to you all each week. 
As you prepare for the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling, we bring you an expert on queer reproductive health and an academic who studies how religious identity shapes decisions to terminate a pregnancy.

Queer reproductive health & fertility acupuncture

Courtesy of Josie Rodriguez-Bouchier
Pronouns: they/them
[email protected]
Josie Rodriguez-Bouchier (they/them) is a queer, non-binary, Latinx licensed acupuncturist and queer reproductive health and justice advocate. Since 2008, they have been helping folks with wombs to conceive with the help of traditional Chinese medicine. 
Rodriguez-Bouchier's mission is to re-center queer, trans and non-binary Black, Indigenous and people of the global majority in the reproductive healthcare realm and beyond. 

Islamic ethics and feminist theory

Courtesy of Zahra Ayubi
Pronouns: she/her
[email protected]
Zahra Ayubi is an associate professor of religion at Dartmouth College who specializes in gender in Islamic ethics discourses. Her work analyzes ideas of masculinity, femininity and gender relations in Islam through a feminist lens.
Ayubi is part of a national team of researchers studying how religious identity shapes a person's decision to terminate a pregnancy, and how a religiously identified person understands the meaning and value of their reproductive decisions to end a pregnancy.

Other sources of interest this week.

Last month, the number of COVID-19 related deaths in the U.S. passed 1 million. As new variants pop up and infections rise again, what is the public health response?
Dr. Pierre Vigilance is a lecturer at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University, where he was previously associate dean for public health practice and an associate professor of health policy and management. He is an expert on health policy, public and community health, social determinants of health, policy and program development, HIV/AIDS prevention, and other topics.
Sources of the Week on the news

  • On CBS NewsKaren Tongson talked about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program that refunded her $20,000 on her student loan
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Jireh Deng | they/them | Diverse Sources Intern
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