Today, we're spotlighting Indigenous education for this Source of the Week newsletter. Introducing: Cheryl Crazy Bull, a expert in tribal colleges.
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To my dear readers,

This is my last Source of the Week newsletter. It's been an honor to send you sources each week. (Keep in touch!)

The newsletter will be on hiatus until October, but the Diverse Sources Database is always there for you. In the meantime, today's source is Cheryl Crazy Bull, an expert in tribal colleges and Indigenous education. 

Courtesy of the American Indian College Fund
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Dina Horwedel,
(303) 426-8900
Cheryl Crazy Bull is the president and CEO of the American Indian College Fund, a nonprofit that supports Native American students through scholarships and higher education funding. Her expertise is in education, tribal colleges, and the self-determination of Native people.

Crazy Bull previously held several administrative positions at tribal colleges. She served as an administrator at Sinte Gleska University, a tribal university on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, her home reservation. At St. Francis Indian School in South Dakota, she was the chief educational officer. For 10 years, Crazy Bull was president of Northwest Indian College, a tribal college in Washington.

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