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Surprise! I’ve returned! This is Emma Hall, your Diverse Sources summer intern and now-current fall-winter intern. Everybody loves a good ol’ come back! Now let’s get to this week’s source, Lynnise Pantin: 

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Lynnise Pantin is the Pritzker Pucker Family Clinical Professor of Transactional Law at Columbia Law School, where she focuses on systematic socioeconomic barriers faced by entrepreneurs of color. Her interests include clinical legal education, entrepreneurship, economic justice, and corporate and business law.
She’s the founding director of the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic, where law students provide legal services on transactional, intellectual property, and governance matters to community organizations and startups from low-and moderate-income entrepreneurs.

Other sources of interest this week.

Last Monday was Indigenous Peoples’ Day! This holiday commemorates the resilience, history, and visibility of Indigenous and Native American peoples in the United States. 
Manley Begay is a professor in the Applied Indigenous Studies department and the department of politics and international affairs at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Northern Arizona University. He is also director of the Tribal Leadership Initiative in the Office of Native American Initiative at NAU.
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