This week we look at APIs for creating & running polls, parsing menus, and building on top of TikTok (unofficially). 

This week we look at APIs for creating and managing polls, parsing menus, and building on top of TikTok (unofficially).

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Convert PDFs and images into structured menu data. Use this API to make it easy for restaurants to go digital, create niche dish search engines, compare prices across restaurants etc.

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1,000 free requests, then starting from $10 per month

This is an API for creating and running polls. Use it to create custom polls for your websites, apps, social media accounts, newsletters, and more.

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Starting at $29 p/m for 300 requests

Get profile information, interact with users, react to videos, etc. This unofficial API lets you do a whole lot on the massively popular TikTok platform. Use it to create a database of influencers, automatically grow your following, find trends, etc. There's always a risk with using unofficial APIs like this, but they can be super helpful when building MVPs or proof of concepts.

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Run, save and schedule API requests within Airtable with the Data Fetcher app. Fetch data from any API into Airtable.

An API is a user interface for programmers and is essentially no different from a graphical user interface, command-line user interface, or any other interface a human (“user”) is expected to work with...

Interactive list of the best fonts for developers with options to preview fonts and themes

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