The other day I discovered who Greg Izenberg is through a tweet that really stuck with me about the important questions we need to ask ourselves.
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Welcome to issue #037 of The Slice. If you missed last weeks issue, check it out here.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke about optimising your content diet, and I think this week I finally the saw the fruits of optimising my Twitter feed. Now every time I scroll though Twitter, I come out either feeling inspired, acquiring a new insight or learning something new. This one tweet by Greg Izenberg was a combination of all three. 

He spoke about 10 questions that changed his life, if you'd like check out the original tweet, its over here, but here are 4 of those questions that stuck with me.

Q: Can you really control that? Smart people know what they can and cannot control If you're living in the past, you're nostalgic If you're living in the future, you're anxious If you're living in the present, you're at peace
Q: Are you reacting or responding?

1. Reacting is emotional
2. Responding is rational

My most terrible mistakes are when I act emotionally.

True in both my startup and personal life Act rational (especially on the internet)

Q: What are you optimizing for? #MFSA 1. Money 2. Freedom 3. Stability 4. Ability The world rewards those who are focused Perfectly prioritize
Q: Why don't you get straight to the point? People are busy When you want something from someone, just say it Beating around the bush is a sin

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This weeks catches 🎣
Here are some dope tools that I discovered this week.

BlockSurvey (Sponsor)

A privacy-focused alternative to Typeform. The data we collect online isn't secure in today's platforms. Own your data with BlockSurvey.

Notion in itself is probably one of the most flexible tools out there and with this tool, you can make your notions pages into fully functional website....and it fast, like really fast, with custom domains, analytics  fonts and more.


I love coming across amazing tweets, but screenshotting them the old fashion way usually comes out pretty meh, so here is TweetPik, it helps convert tweets into high quality SVG, JPG or PNG formats for you to share! 


Directual is the only no-code platform that combines the flexibility, scalability, and security of traditional coding, with a modern, visual development approach. You can build scalable, secure and sophisticated apps with Directual.

Newsletters 🚀

My picks of dope newsletters for this week.
This weeks featured newsletter is FindSponsors, a newsletter that sends out a weekly report of companies already spending money on newsletter sponsorships.

As a newsletter creator myself that relies on sponsorships, this is a god send and saves me hours of trying to find potential sponsors. You can also use this a directory to try and find newsletters to advertise your own product with.

The newsletter is curated and made by Paul. Bit of a backstory, Paul used to curate and write StartupResoucres before it got acquired, in fact, Paul is somebody who I hold in high regard within the newsletter space, and I took a lot of inspiration from him when I was just starting out with the slice.

Here is a little screenshot of the reports he sends you each week!

Check it out!

Interesting reads  📚

There's a lot of crap on the internet, here's a gem or two.
Growing puzzles around  
Here is an awesome blog post written by the wife of Paul Graham and co-founder of Y Combinator. She talks about her upbringing and everything before and leading up to Y Combinator. Read more

MailChimp: A side hustle that turned into a $700m/year business.
This is a look at Ben Chestnut, the founder of MailChimp and how it became what is is today. Here is a small snippet;

(here is a link to bypass the paywall)

"At the Rocket Science Group, the creative minds were growing weary of implementing the same feature into their clients’ websites over and over again: an email-list-building tool. The work billed was repetitive and ripe for creative automation. To lose the burden, the team coded a one-size-fits-all, self-serve solution, and charged clients $0.01 per email sent." Read more

Ditch the elevator pitch 
There’s the Hollywood version, in which writers pitching scripts have just 60 seconds to capture the imagination of producers.

And then there’s the rumored Jobsian one — if you worked for Apple and unluckily found yourself standing next to Steve Jobs in an elevator unable to describe your contributions to the company on that brief trip, you might have been sent packing. Read more 
Learnings 💡
How to promote yourself without turning people off 
Promoting yourself is a harder feat than you might think, her are way to promote yourself without being too cringy. Check it out

Google search trick to find open spreadsheets with data on anything you want.
The ability to do precise Google searches and getting relevant results is a superpower that is easy to acquire but most people don't have it.

Check it out 

Unalike -  Helping everyone to create, sell, and grow collaborative publications, subscription newsletters, and audio stories. Unbranded. Untracked. Unalike. 

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That's all for this week, see you next week, same time, same place!
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