This week I stumbled on a great blog on what f*ck money is, and why more people should strive to achieve it.
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Welcome to issue #039 of The Slice. If you missed last weeks issue, check it out here.

You're probably wondering why I'm sending the newsletter out today so I'll keep this text a bit short. Sadly yesterday was really crazy and I had zero time to piece together todays issue after I spent the majority of yesterday traveling. 

It seems that my booking sheet has broken and after almost throwing my screen out the window, I have decided to go back to how it was before with making my bookings but I will still keep the web page available so you can see what exact dates dates are booked. 

Now for this weeks issue 

This weeks catches 🎣
Here are some dope tools that I discovered this week.

Unalike (Sponsor)

Helping everyone to create, sell, and grow collaborative publications, subscription newsletters, and audio stories. Unbranded. Untracked. Unalike.


Curateable is a tool that lets you turn your Airtable database into an info product.


Baserow is an open source online database tool and Airtable alternative. Super simple and with checking out if you're looking to make the switch from Airtable. 


I love airdrop, but sadly it's only available within the apple ecosystem. Snapdrop has made it easier for all platforms to have their own "airdrop". 

Newsletters 🚀

My picks of dope newsletters for this week.
This weeks featured newsletter is GrowthMarketer, a weekly newsletter that makes marketing actually enjoyable, by keeping you informed of the latest marketing news, tools, and insights. If you're not quite sure where to start, check out some past editions.

Each new edition is put together by Nicholas Salice, a veteran growth marketer with skin in the game. He also happens to run his own  agency as well!

Interesting reads  📚

There's a lot of crap on the internet, here's a gem or two.
The joy of "f*ck-you money".
Humphrey Bogart used to keep a $100 bill in his dresser drawer at all times—a decent chunk of change in the 1920s. He referred to it as his ‘f*ck-you money’, because it meant he’d never be forced to take a crappy part. According to Bogie, the only good reason for making money was “so you can tell any son-of-a-bitch in the world to go to hell. Read more

Learn to play the fool.
By fool, to be clear, I don’t mean a stupid, unthinking person, but one with the spirit of the medieval fool, the court jester, the carefree fool in the tarot deck who bears the awesome number zero, signifying the fertile void from which all creation springs, the state of emptiness that allows new things to come into being. 
Read more
Learnings 💡
How to Use Google Analytics to Track Social Media
Google analytics is an absolute mess and I've been using it for as long as I can remember. It also happens to be an industry standard analytics tool, and even yet I can't seem to understand half of it, so after coming across this little guide a  breath of fresh air came to me. Check it out

Unique selling propsition.
I saw this in the StartupsIllustrated newsletter and I thought it was really great explanation of the concept. Shoutout to Bryan (who happens to be a friend of the slice) for explaining this.

Here is a link to that entire issue and I definitely recommend checking it out.
Check it out
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That's all for this week, see you next week, same time, same place!
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