Highlights of todays newsletter is an article written by Pieter levels, someone who I admire a lot, as well as my new and improved booking sheet.
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Welcome to issue #038 of The Slice. If you missed last weeks issue, check it out here.

So after a few months of running into brick walls and giving up multiple times, I've finally created a fully automated booking sheet for my classifieds and sponsors. I did this for a few reasons. 

1. The constant back and forth emails were killing me. 
2. Keeping track of all the bookings was a nightmare.
3. Friction. Booking a sponsor/classified could easy take almost 2 days. 

Here is a little screenshot. 
I won't go into too much detail because there are a lot of different formulas and technical google sheet syntax that go into the background of this to actually make it work.  

Here is a rundown of the tech stack.

- Google sheets (Acts as my front-end and back-end)
- PaperForm (a form that captures all the data) 
- PayPal API (payment gateway)

I certainly couldn't do this alone, so I got a bit of help from creator of todays featured newsletter! If you want to learn how to make this for you own newsletter, you can pick up the course here.
Now for a little plug of the new and improved booking sheet 🔌
If you want to book a sponsorship.
View Availability + Book A Slot →
If you want to book a classified.
View Availability + Book A Slot →
This weeks catches 🎣
Here are some dope tools that I discovered this week.

Alternative Assets (Sponsor)

Alternative Assets
Unique investment ideas worth exploring. There's a million blogs about stocks and VC. This is about options that aren't talked about as much. Think trading cards, wine, websites, even newsletters!


Brevy turns your website into a collaborative workspace, allowing anyone on your team to leave feedback or report issues directly inline. Connect your favorite tools like Slack and Jira to automatically create and assign work items without leaving the page.


Unlike most calendars, Daybridge doesn’t confine you to a half-empty grid. So you’re free to structure your day exactly how you like. Mix events, tasks, and notes together in the same place.


Tally is a new type of form builder. Just start typing and build forms for all purposes in seconds. Without knowing how to code.

Newsletters 🚀

My picks of dope newsletters for this week.
This weeks featured newsletter is IndieLetters, a bi-weekly briefing of marketing knowledge, tools & learning resources for solopreneurs, and makers, curated by Falak

In the massive arsenal of newsletter that I sub to, IndieLetters was among one of the first in the early days and its been great growing both our newsletters together. 

Falak is also the one that helped me out with creating my booking sheet as he's on the one who designed it. He also made a
great little course on how to make one yourself, which I had early access to!

Do check out both the newsletter and the tutorial. Would recommend!

Interesting reads  📚

There's a lot of crap on the internet, here's a gem or two.
Choosing entrepreneurship.
Here is a great article from someone I really admire. Pieter levels.

"Four years ago I graduated from university. I did a master’s in business, majoring in entrepreneurship. Yes, LOL, studying entrepreneurship is like looking at paintings and thinking you’ll become an artist, I agree." Read more

Aim to be valuable and you'll be indispensable.
"This is one of my best pieces of advice for indie hackers.

If you want to start a real business (and not just be a maker) then you need to be valuable, not just useful or neat.

You might think, what's the difference?" Read more

How I bought a business for 0 dollars. 
"Before starting Kettle & Fire, I had a previous life in the SaaS world. I ran growth for a team (Exceptional Cloud Services)  that bought small SaaS apps and grew them. We later sold the bundle of businesses to Rackspace for 8 figures, in early 2013." Read more 
Learnings 💡
The unexpected (but proven) way to find your niche in the creator economy.
"The creator economy has made it possible for more people than ever to earn a living doing work that uniquely combines their passions and skills. Jack Butcher is a perfect example. Once an agency designer, he found a way to separate hours worked from income earned and created a seven-figure business in the process.

And yet, if you ask the average person who he is, chances are they’ll have no idea. That’s because you won’t find his creations in luxury stores or on main street billboards.

Jack draws pictures for a small audience on Twitter and Instagram, giving away 90% of his work for free. His simple model illustrates the success that is possible once you find your niche." Check it out

Who Sponsors Stuff -  We track who sponsors newsletters and deliver the data straight to your inbox, with direct contact information. Find your next sponsor.

ManualTesting.dev - Manage your test results, stop struggling with spreadsheets. Give it a try and take your test management to the next level.
That's all for this week, see you next week, same time, same place!
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