New RAI initiatives to support regions
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Regional Australia Institute

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Q1 2020
 New initiatives to support regions 

Liz Ritchie

Regional Australia Institute (RAI)
At the RAI, we constantly discuss the fact that regional Australia is changing, yet we could never have prepared ourselves for how significant that change might be with COVID-19 now upon us. Many regional businesses, both big and small, will be hurting and looking for points of connection, clarity and solutions.

Whilst the current uncertainty can and will create enormous challenges, we also believe it has the potential to create opportunities. The greatest ideas are often found in stillness and reflection. For the first time in our lives we will all be forced to slow down and this may provide the space and clarity to reconsider not only how we live and work, but where we live and work. 

The notion that “working remotely” is now common practice for many Australians finally creates the kind of level playing field that the RAI has been discussing since our inception. As a central voice for regional Australia, our role is to remain a steady source of information, hope and optimism. Over the next few months, we will be introducing a diverse range of new initiatives, including:
  • Regions Rising Webinar Series
  • Regional Economic Updates from our Chief Economist
  • Regional Migration Education Platform and Podcasts
  • Regional Roundtables – Multi-Sector and Industry-Specific
  • Regional Surveys
  • Ministerial Updates
So, to continue our role as the nexus between government, industry and regional stakeholders, we need your continued engagement. Therefore, our ask is that you share your stories and your lived experiences, whether through our direct email at [email protected] or through our webinars, surveys, website or social media channels. We want to hear from you and we want to help.

This is an uncertain period, but we will come through this together, stronger and more agile than ever before. Regional Australians are no strangers to living through adversity. We also understand the power of people to be your greatest differentiator for recovery.

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