Paul Graham has once again graced with an amazing essay. Also...copying others is how we learn - essay by Austin Kloen.
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Welcome to issue 043 

This week has taken a toll on me, but todays illustration made me feel quite content inside. 

I'm a big advocate for building in public and transparency, not mention its a great way to build an audience and I love sharing my newsletter journey with you guys, so about 2 weeks ago, I decided to share some numbers on how much The Slice has made so far for this year.

This is by no means a mind blowing amount and definitely not a "quit your job and move to Thailand" sort of thing , but starting this as a little lock down side project and turning it into a side hustle has been rewarding and not mention kept me from going into the brink of insanity during COVID.

 Here is the original tweet.
Nicks tweet

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This weeks catches 🎣
Here are some dope tools that I discovered this week.

Alternative Assets (Sponsor)

Alternative assets
Unique investment ideas worth exploring. There's a million blogs about stocks and VC. This is about options that aren't talked about as much. Think trading cards, wine, websites, even newsletters!


Meco is neat little newsletter reader thats native to iOS. With the amount of content that can build up in your inbox, having a dedicated reader for all your newsletters can be a breath of fresh air, not mention keep your inbox happy!

Cloudflare Pages       

Cloudflare Pages
Cloudflare Pages pages lets you build and deploy your own JAMstack site...for free!! 


Urlefy is a URL shortening service. Urlefy helps you monitor your urls, Find the hidden insights which can spike your business.

Newsletters 🚀

My picks of dope newsletters for this week.
This weeks featured newsletter is BrainPint , a curated newsletter with interesting reads, tools & learning resources sent out weekly for curious, intelligent people who want to sharpen their minds. 

Short, sweet and to the point. Thats best that I can sum up this newsletter.

BrainPint is curated by Janel, the maker of NewsletterOS, and somebody that I hold deep admiration for within the Newsletter Community for her crazy growth over the last year, she makes an all round solid newsletter that anxiously keeps you waiting each week!

Check out some of her past issues here

Interesting reads  📚

There's a lot of crap on the internet, here's a gem or two.
How People Get Rich Now 
Paul Graham, the king of essays has graced us with a new essay that looks at how people are getting rich these days. Here is a snippet.

"Every year since 1982, Forbes magazine has published a list of the richest Americans. If we compare the 100 richest people in 1982 to the 100 richest in 2020, we notice some big differences.

In 1982 the most common source of wealth was inheritance. Of the 100 richest people, 60 inherited from an ancestor. There were 10 du Pont heirs alone. By 2020 the number of heirs had been cut in half, accounting for only 27 of the biggest 100 fortunes." Read More

Copying Is How We Learn 
A virtually infinite number of productivity books have been published, each with their own frameworks, strategies, and sometimes magical formulas to be more productive and more creative. Very few of these books combine productivity, creativity, and mental health. How do you get started if you want to achieve more, but don’t want to burn out in the process? Read more

There Are Two Kinds of Happy People
Some of us strive for a virtuous life. Others strive for a pleasant one. We could all use a better balance. These days, we are offered a dizzying variety of secrets to happiness. Some are ways of life: Give to others; practice gratitude. Others are minor hacks: Eat kale; play a board game. Some are simply an effort to make a buck. Read more
Learnings 💡
The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup
Here is an an amazing long form post about what it takes to run a one man SaaS company. It is very long, but well worth the read.. Check it out

How to build a startup — without quitting your day job
This a pretty old post from the Indie Hackers forum, but still very relevant today. The post was pretty by founder of JotForm and he touches on his journey and how he started out. Check it out
As an all-in-one marketing platform, Sendinblue helps you navigate the digital landscape with email marketing, marketing automation & more. Prepare for takeoff!

Spending a lot of time posting on social media? Use Studiorific to create content once and have it auto-post on many: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & more.

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