This week I decided to recommend a Netflix film, that I enjoyed, also....a Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonymity.
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Welcome to issue 041.

Hey everyone, happy Thursday, as always. Heres something a little different:

A Netflix recommendation - Seaspiracy

I watched this over the weekend and felt like I needed to share it. The film was made by the same team as the 2014 Cowspiracy and reveals the hugely damaging impact of commercial fishing. It's a real eye opener thats equally as controversial, but it will change the way that you look at seafood.

The documentary also brings to light how the organisations of the world have an absolute disregard for the health of the ocean and whilst making the film, uncovers the shear amount of global corruption that takes place.

If you'd like a TL;DR, here is an awesome article that was written by Vogue magazine about the series. 

On another note, I got a ton of emails from a few of you guys after last weeks issue about me changing my life path. I actually wrote a piece about it on my blog and it was sent to everyone on my personal newsletter, but I thought I might as well share it here too. You can read here.

Poka Yoke - ポカヨケ.
Its no secret the I'm a big fan of Japan, and this week I came across this really cool Japanese term in The Hustle newsletter, called "Poka Yoke" -ポカヨケ- and it translates to "mistake proofing" or "avoiding an unthinkably bad move". Here is the excerpt from that issue 

"The term was coined by Shigeo Shingo in the 1960s as part of the Toyota Production System. Poka-Yoke is a streamlined process to prevent incorrect usage by a user.

Shingo first suggested the idea when watching factory workers continually fail to assemble a switch. They’d often forget a spring.
Instead of blaming the workers, Shingo proposed changing the assembly process to ensure the springs were never forgotten.It worked.

And once you learn about it, Poka-Yoke is everywhere. USB ports and the shape of SIM cards force the user to put them in correctly. Microwaves won’t run when the door is open. The list goes on..."

For the next week or two, or maybe three, I'll be running a nice little discount for all my advertising slots!

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This weeks catches 🎣
Here are some dope tools that I discovered this week.


No Code MBA
No Code MBA teaches you how to turn your app idea into reality - all without code. Subscribe before April 3, 2021 and get 50% off here.


Coolify is an open-source hosting service that gives you an alternative to Netlify and Heroku so you can deploy your app or website. 


Twemex is a really dope tool for Twitter that surfaces interesting and ideas a tweets from your feed. It helps you spend less time mindlessly scrolling, and more time developing your thoughts.


Firework turns web applications and sites into desktop applications. Instant loading time, pinned to taskbar, easy to switch between.

Newsletters 🚀

My picks of dope newsletters for this week.
This weeks featured newsletter is the Weekly newsletter of Richard Patey, by (you guessed it) Richard Patey

Its basically a no-bullshit newsletter on his thoughts about online business, the creator economy, investing and poker - sent every Wednesday. 

It's really nice when a newsletter that comes around thats just plain words, with no fluff, and this newsletter captures that. Richard's only sent out two issues , but I'm already hooked. Here is a link to his archive

Definitely check him out. 

Interesting reads  📚

There's a lot of crap on the internet, here's a gem or two.
Why I'm unreachable and you should be too.
There is only one blog on the internet that I've ever spent an entire day binging, and that was Pieter Levels blog. On his latest post, he talks about some of the realities of what it means to be internet famous and why he's so unreachable. I think it's an amazing piece and here is a little snippet that just made me LOL;

"There's 24 hours in a dayI've tried to figure out and this is kind of a normal day for me:

24 hours in a day
— 8 hours of sleeping = 16 hours left
— 1.5 hours of showering, cleaning up, coffee = 14.5 hours left
— 4 hours of managing contractors, firefighting and fixing bugs = 10.5 hours left
— 1 hours of groceries or errands = 9.5 hours left
— 1.5 hours of gym or going for a walk = 8 hours left
— 1.5 hours of staying in touch with friends/family = 6.5 hours left
— 1.5 hours of cooking and eating = 5 hours left
— 4 hours of deep work, building new features/products = 1 hours left
— 1 hours of sex/hugs/love = 0 hours left."

Priorities, am I right! 😂 
Read More

Don't underestimate the power of a walk.
People take for granted how something as simple as a walk can do for your productivity and your mental state of wellbeing. For me on the other hand, I find solace in playing very relaxed round of golf at least once a week. None the less, decent article and you should read it! Read more
Learnings 💡
Here's how I lost $10m.
Mistakes are inevitable in our lifetime, its just something that you need to mentally prepare for. I find a lot of the time, too many people study success to try and ultimately replicate it.

I'm of the opinion that you should do the opposite and study peoples failures and avoid the same mistakes they made. Here is a Twitter thread by Andrew Wilkinson of a $10m mistake he made. Check it out

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonymity
This is an introduction to various online tracking techniques, online ID verification techniques, and creating and maintaining anonymous online identities. It is not sponsored or endorsed by any commercial or government entity.

In a time where virtually 99% of what we do online is tracked, knowing how to maintain anonymity is actually can be quite handy. Check it out
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