t took 3 years to reach to 300/day but just 4 months to 500/day.
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To a Fresh 2022!

Last year I sold 3 side projects which was a great experience. I’ll be focussing on building again this year. One is this newsletter, The Slice is a long term project and I hope to see some good growth in the coming years.

Another thing that I’m thinking about is combining education with network effects (= the more people using a service the more value it creates for its users, Instagram, Uber etc). For education this would mean letting students ask questions or add remarks which are incorporated (in real time) into the education. So it’s expert generated content but user upgraded content. More on that this year. 

What are your business plans for the year? Hit reply and let me know! 

Btw, changed the layout a bit to speed up the production time of the newsletter and increase reading experience. Hope you like it.

See you next week.
- Jonas
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