Our source this week can contextualize the human rights violations and alleged war crimes by the Russian government.
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Amid the whirlwind of the news, we hope that you’re staying grounded and rested. This week, our source is an expert on domestic and international and domestic truth commissions — bodies that investigate past wrongdoings and human rights abuses. She can contextualize the alleged war crimes of the Russian government.

International law and criminal courts

Courtesy of Kelebogile Zvobgo
Pronouns: she/her
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Kelebogile Zvobgo is an assistant professor of government at William & Mary, where she is also a faculty affiliate at the Global Research Institute and the founder and director of the International Justice Lab. Her research explores issues of human rights, transitional justice, and international law and courts. 
As the director of the International Justice Lab, Zvobgo leads a group of researchers who study the legitimacy and authority of international courts and how they hold countries accountable for human rights violations. They look at transitional justice — the ways that political and judicial reforms can prevent prior human rights abuses from repeating. Zvobgo has analyzed datasets from truth commissions across the world as the lead investigator for the Varieties of Truth Commissions Project, and for other projects. 
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