This week our source helped to start one of the first Indigenous health programs at the University of North Dakota.
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Dr. Donald Warne runs the University of North Dakota’s pioneering Indigenous health program, which works to create a more informed health care field and increase the representation of American Indians and Alaskan Natives in medicine. 

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Indigenous health and public policy

Courtesy of Donald Warne
Pronouns: he/him
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Dr. Donald Warne is the associate dean of diversity, equity and inclusion and the director of the department of Indigenous health at the University of North Dakota. He leads Indians Into Medicine, a program that aims to increase the number of American Indian and Alaskan Native professionals in the health field. He also directs the world’s first doctoral program in Indigenous health, and the school's master's of public health program.
Warne has experience as a primary care physician, staff clinician, health researcher and director in health programs across the country. He is the principal investigator for the Indigenous Trauma and Resilience Research Center at UND, and he serves as the senior policy advisor to the Great Plains Tribal Leader’s health board in Rapid City, S.D. 
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