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If you’re curious about the feasibility of human civilizations on the moon and Mars or reporting on pretty much any other space-related topic, our source this week can help.

Human spaceflight and exploration

Courtesy of Pablo de León
Pronouns: he/him
[email protected]
Phone: (701) 777-2369
Pablo de León is the director of the Human Spaceflight Laboratory at the University of North Dakota, where he is also a professor and chair of the space studies department. He has been working in the space field for three decades as an aerospace engineer in his native Argentina and in the United States.
De León has developed prototypes for several planetary space suits and has been the test subject on several space suit experiments. His prior experience was as chief designer and fabrications manager for several underwater-simulation pressure suit systems.
Other sources of interest this week.

Newly added to our database is another source on transgender health and equity. 
Elle Lett is a Black, transgender woman; a statistician-epidemiologist; and a physician-in training at the Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania. She applies the theories and principles of Black Feminism to understanding the health impacts of systemic racism, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination on oppressed groups in the United States. 
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