Hello friends, Welcome to our February newsletter. We hope you all had a wonderful start to the year
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Welcome to Our February 2022 Newsletter

Hello friends,

Welcome to our February newsletter. 💕 We hope you all had a wonderful start to the year and are feeling refreshed as we look towards spring! 🌱

We've got some great news lined up for you this month, from the final announcement of our greatly anticipated February PHS Talks 💻 to a feature of Travel Tech partner Gavin Neate's wonderful Welcome App, which aims to make hospitality in Scotland accessible to all. 💜

You can also find a teaser for our first in a series of 'How to' Digital Marketing blog posts this week written by our newest copywriter Oliver. ✒️

This month, Cassie has been continuing with her  Destination Leadership course which has been incredibly inspiring, learning from tourism leaders from across the world. As part of the course, she is working within a group of 6, producing a report which will evaluate Ayrshire's tourism offer, exploring the needs and expectations of those who currently live and work in tourism, and what they see is needed for sustainable growth.

One of our Kickstarters, Megan, is currently attending the HIT Scotland leadership course. Cassie was happy to participate last year, thanks to HIT and their wonderful scholarship funding. 🎓 It's always exciting to watch our team skill-up!

Thank you for reading our newsletter, and please feel welcome to reach out with any enquiries. We wish you all the best for the new year ahead.

Take care,

Beth / The Private House Stays Team 🏠

New date - 24th Feb

Scotland's Year of Stories: How to Tell Yours

Join us on Thursday 24th February  at 11am for our next PHS webinar. Our speakers this month are professional writers Neely Khan (Neely There) and Emma Greer (Magnetic Copy) who will be talking about storytelling. This ties in with Visit Scotland’s theme for the year – Scotland’s Year of Stories – and will show you how to use storytelling to draw in more customers. 

Things you will learn: 

⭐ Top 4 storytelling tips for accommodation providers

Storytelling in practise – tips for effective writing across websites, emails, and more.

🖋️ How to write for your ideal guest 

🧠 The psychology of storytelling and why it works 

If you missed out on last month's webinar with Barry Clark and Paul Thomas, don't worry! You can access the full recording here.

Click Here to Book Now

Ways to make your property accessible for all 

Accommodating for people is a pillar on which the hospitality industry is built; doing everything within reason to make sure your guests are looked after is vital in nurturing successful relationships. Even though this is a trade truth, there is often a group of people continually overlooked.

With an estimated 1 billion people having some form of disability, it makes sense to make your property as accessible as possible.

Click here to read what the United Nations have to say about making tourism accessible to all
Travel Tech partner Gavin Neate created the Welcome App to improve the discourse between disabled people and businesses to have the necessary measures in place to accommodate them upon arrival. You can subscribe to this service, which notifies you of the needs of any disabled person choosing to stay with you; making their life easier and yours.  
Problems that tourists with disabilities face can often be holiday ruining. If staff are untrained and thus incapable of providing adequate care for those who need it, they will not consider returning. If rooms do not offer guests the necessary features, they will be apprehensive about staying. You should also think if your property is accessible for everyone; whether people use wheelchairs or have difficulty walking if you can provide the features that will allow everyone to use your property, then looking into doing so will be very beneficial.
Disability comes in many forms, not just physical. Taking the time to become disability-friendly is something that you should consider. Contemplate making sure that no matter what needs someone has, they are catered to; this will better your property for all who choose to stay with you.

Having the proper training and facilities benefits disabled members of society, but it is also a good business decision. You would potentially exclude up to 15% of the market from choosing your property as a holiday destination by not making these changes if you have the opportunity to do so. 
Click here to find out more about the Welcome App!
Featured Property | The Old Mill Inn
Owned and run by the globetrotting Innkeepers David and Sophie, The Old Mill Inn is a fantastic spot for adventure seekers and foodies alike.  Picturesquely located between Forres in Moray and Nairn in the Scottish Highlands, The Old Mill Inn is a perfect base for you to explore and experience all the magic of the “Scottish Riviera” known for its famously mild micro-climate, scenic sights, and rich historical sites. 
You can spend days exploring all the area has to offer, including world-renowned whiskey distilleries, or journey into Elgin and visit the Church, which dates back to 1140.  If you wish to take in more modern settings, Inverness is a mere 30-minute drive. 
After working up an appetite exploring, you can eat the best the countryside offers at the properties AA Rosette Restaurant. Head Chef Paul McKechnie uses high quality locally sourced ingredients to create meals that will stay with you for a lifetime. 
The Old Mill Inn features five guest rooms split into two categories of Superior and Classic Rooms. With its beginnings as a Victorian corn mill, today, The Old Mill Inn blends character and charm with contemporary flair and modern facilities, so no matter the room you select, the surrounding beauty will entrance you. 

For bookings or more information 
please click here.

Marine, Adventure and Wildlife Tourism Stratergy Business Survey

Private House Stays recommends you fill out this survey as your professional opinions are incredibly important in shaping the strategy for the future of Scottish tourism.  We are aiming to push Scotland toward becoming a preeminent global tourism destination. As property owners with an in-depth knowledge of your surrounding area, your input will be instrumental in informing Scottish tourism on your location's marine, adventure, and wildlife aspects.
The survey itself will only take 10-15 minutes of your day, and it will be incredibly beneficial to both you and your community. The latest date for filling out this survey is February 18th, so don't put it off! 
Click here to fill out the Survey

How our Blog Posts can help your Business Grow

Here at Private House Stays, we are always looking for ways to keep our property owners up to date with all the current trends in digital marketing.  We aim to post blogs regularly to enlighten clients on information that they can take forward to use on their own business'.
By visiting our Blog page on our website, you will find the latest articles, including a basic rundown on what Digital Marketing is, as well as a more in-depth look at email marketing. Do you want to drive more people towards your business? Then using Email marketing is a sure-fire way to enhance your exposure.
In the blog post, you are given a beginner’s introduction to the benefits of Email Marketing and what goes into creating a successful email marketing campaign. You are also shown what services are helpful if you are interested in utilising this form of marketing. 
If you are anxious about doing something new, these forthcoming blog posts will be a helpful look into what you could be doing to improve your digital presence, so make sure to keep checking in with us.
 Private House Stays is always here if you need any advice or help. 

Click here to find our Blog Posts

Featured Testimonial

The Old Barn | Peter and Sai

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Private House Stays is a wonderful organisation to partner with.  All the staff are professional and take the time to get to know us as a business.  We love the personal service and that they concentrate on promoting businesses that are unique and different. We are looking forward to forming a last lasting relationship with PHS going forward.

It's always nice to know what people are saying about our brand, and about the brand that is carrying your name. For a more complete list of testimonials from the members of Private House Stays please click 
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