By copying what’s working for other companies, an entrepreneur can focus on doing just one or a few things really well
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The Slice survey showed that next to software products a lot of you are also interested in hardware product discovery. And I’m happy to announce that we have added to The Slice family.  

Modern Different is a newsletter built by Juris, an amazing curator from London who has done an impressive job creating a space where people join him every week to discover cool products, beautifully displayed in his newsletter. I worked closely with Juris on the transition and we’ll make sure to keep the high level of quality and design.  

Curious to hear what you think and it would be great if you joined us at ModernDifferent

See you next week. 

- Jonas
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Steal successful ideas from everywhere

By copying what’s working for other companies, an entrepreneur can focus on doing just one or a few things really well.

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