It’s more useful to think of building a “passive sales machine.” Something that can sell something with minimal ongoing work.
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I know quite a few of you enjoy working on side projects. Same for me. But as the word implies, it’s on the side and just one more thing eating away your time.  One of the philosophies I have working on side projects is ‘done is better than perfect'. How I use this philosophy when working on side projects is to limit second thoughts as much as possible and act straight away. I can ponder on something and once I see a solution I act. Sending an email, asking for something, building a feature etc. I just do it. 

In this edition there are some cool products like the Rockmelon, a simple product using one link to open a bunch. An example of coming up with a solution and ship even when it's not 100% perfect or polished. But also Crisp is a messaging product with lots of features where you can see the test and learn mindset. 'Ship and see what sticks'. Also, I interviewed Jakob, a successful bootstrapper who ships a lot of cool products and has this same mindset. 

Enjoy and see you next week!
- Jonas
This edition is sponsored by Wynter.
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One Sweet Link to Open Them All
Rockmelon combines many URLs into a single link. Share it & click on the link to open all URLs at once Check it our here
Chat with your customers
This product combines everything that has to do with communicating with your clients and prospects. They offer a lot of cool stuff.
 This product is sponsored 
Participate in research studies, get paid for your feedback
Wynter is inviting people to join its research panel. Participate in research surveys, get paid for your feedback. Super low-key commitment, 10'-15' per survey. Learn more here.
How to make a passive income
Passive income is not a particularly descriptive term. It’s more useful to think of building a “passive sales machine.” Something that can sell something with minimal ongoing work. Read more.
15 Awesome No-Code Tools to Help You Build an MVP in a Week
Entrepreneurs need tools to help them test their ideas, gather feedback, and iterate in a fast-paced market. Below, we’ll cover some of the best no-code tools to help you launch your MVP in a week. 
53 ideas to get your first customers
Ideally, this issue would serve as an inspiration to find novel ways to attract your first 10, 100, or even 1000 customers. The best-performing growth tactics are often ones that no one (or few) have explo​​red before.

Some mores slices
Ever click on a link and end up at a paywall? let's you read it all for free. I was a huge fan of Indie Hackers when it started out, reading about revenue and tactics was very exciting. Now voices go up that Indie Hackers has become a marketing sink. Is this the Capterra for ​​DTC?
1-2-1 interview with Jakob Greenfeld
Jakob is a  product builder. Check out his current products.
1 Useful idea
You can't strategize, theorize, or research your way to success. You gotta get moving.

2 People you find inspiring
Elliott Bisnow, Pieter Levels

1 Productivity hack that helps you the most
Each morning I sit down with a notebook and decide what to do. Then I do it.
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