Instead of trying to take, take, essentially; give, give, give.
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Hey there.

Welcome to issue #57 of The Slice! 

Yesterday was a good day, as it marked the beginning of the last leg of my networking and IT infrastructure studies, which I should complete in about a month or two. To bring you up to speed, back in April I had a "fuck this shit" moment in my life after working in marketing for close to 4 years. I had enough, I needed a change of scenery and for some reason, me going to back to college for a few months seemed like a good idea (it was...)

I'm now 25, so going back to class has been a pretty weird experience mostly because of my age gap between me and my classmates, even though I'm basically still a tadpole to some. Fun fact, it turns out that my subscribers are a lot older than I think, but its awesome to know that I have a very diverse audience after speaking to a few of you. Here is response in an email I got not too long ago.

"'re only 25!!"

I've also realized that I have been learning wrong for the last 6 years. My course is quite theory based as well as very hands on because I work with a lot servers, switches and command lines, so I've had to change the way I approach studying, mostly to unguided study and trial/error by practicing. 

Safe to say it's been a ride and a refreshing one at that. I guess you're never really too old to make a monumental change in your life, be it career, location, interests or even direction, but I don't regret my FTS moment. 

- Nic 
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This weeks catches 🎣
Here are some dope tools that I discovered this week.

Calendar Sync for Notion

Calendar Sync
Syncing your calendar with Notion is actually a bit of a headache, here is a better and more reliable real-time 2-way sync for your calendar.


Baseline is an easy to use brand design tool. It helps you set up a solid brand and then leverages it to create branded designs without effort.


Email This
EmailThis will remove ads & distractions from the page and send you a beautifully formatted email with just the text and images


Email This
Typedream lets you build a page quickly through a familiar Notion-like interface and focus on content.

Newsletters 🚀

My picks of dope newsletters for this week.
This weeks newsletter of the week is The Unicorns Feed, a bi-weekly newsletter about Front-End and UI/UX design, curated and written by Michael Andreuzza

If you're somebody thats into front-end and design, you should really check this newsletter out! You get 4 non-bullshit links to resources and articles for web developers and UI/UX designers on a bi-weekly basis. Simple and no fluff, all packed into a tiny visually appealing package that gets sent to your inbox. 

Interesting reads  📚

There's a lot of crap on the internet, here's a gem or two.
How and Why to do a Life Audit.
Life has a funny way of getting in its own way: we get so busy, sometimes we forget to look up.

That’s why every now and then it’s important to take a step back and check in: How are we doing? Where are we going? What’s important now that perhaps wasn’t before?

Last weekend, I decided to carve out an afternoon to do a life audit and find out. Read More

Read this if you're struggling…
Just about everybody is outreaching and advertising to their prospect in hopes of attaining something. Some might be marketing their services through a cold email outreach in hopes of securing more retainers.

Others have set up Instagram Ads offering their product at a certain price.

Everybody is out there to get something. And we're all well aware of this. Read more

Six Ways to Think Long-term
Human beings have an astonishing evolutionary gift: agile imaginations that can shift in an instant from thinking on a scale of seconds to a scale of years or even centuries. Our minds constantly dance across multiple time horizons. One moment we can be making a quickfire response to a text and the next thinking about saving for our pensions or planting an acorn in the ground for posterity. Read more

Godly Websites 
Here is a curated list of the some of the best looking websites on the internet. If you're looking to build and site but you need a bit of inspiration take a look. Check it out
Learnings 💡
2021 SEO Check list by Ahrefs 
Here is a blog post by Ahrefs that outlines the ins and out of SEO in this insanely detailed post. If you have a website on the internet, read this.

How to Write a Cover Letter and Not Hate the Process. 
S/O to Jan who curates the BrainPint newsletter for sharing this. Cover letters are meh and are a pain to write. It's also really annoying that their format is also really subjective depending on who you talk to, but I think this post hits the nail on the head. Read more

84 beautiful CSS buttons
Believe it or not, the way we present buttons on a web page can actually make a massive difference on our conversions. Here is a list of buttons that you can use on your site that will make an impact. Check it out
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Written by Nic | Sandymount Green, Dublin, Dublin, D04 H319, Ireland