Only a tiny fraction of creators fulfil their potential. Why? Because we get in our won way.
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Here is a recent quote by one of my all time favourite authors. Mark Manson who wrote The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck. 

"Without developing a clear vision of the future we desire, of the values we want to adopt, of the identities we want to shed or step into—we are forever doomed to repeat the failures of our past."

After reading this for the first time on Twitter today, I gave me a bit of a knot in my throat and made me reflect back on the last few years. 

I've never really been a gaols type of person. They have always seemed a bit disposable in my eyes, thats why I have always latched onto the idea of having a vision of where I might want to be, but these questions flood me. 

How do I set my vision?
What identity do I want to step into?
What values do I want to adopt?

Is it wrong for me to say I dont yet have these answers and am I "forever doomed to repeat the failures" of my past ? In reality, most people dont really know what the fuck they are doing and are just winging it, and you'd be surprised as to how many actually admit that.

I have a general idea for each of these, but nothing concrete. In terms of values, I'm quite progressive, but leaning more on the conservative spectrum. 

Did you know that the prefrontal cortex of the brain takes 25 years to develop fully and that its responsible for a wide variety of executive functions, including focusing one's attention, predicting the consequences of one's actions, anticipating events in the environment, impulse control and managing emotional reactions.

Put this into perspective, I turned 25 in January, so all my fuck ups and decisions I've made can be blamed on the fact that I was just a massive dumb ass because I had an under developed prefrontal cortex. 

Full disclosure, that's probably not the case at all, but it is a great conclusion!

- Nic 

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