Growth for growth’s sake doesn’t make sense to me. We’re not Amazon. We don’t want to be Amazon.
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Artist: Rachit
Let’s talk side projects! I have been doing side projects for over a decade. When I started nocode platforms weren’t a thing. There was WordPress but it was still pretty complex. Fast forward 10 years and I built a full fledged marketplace with payment, messaging and search functionality, with no tech skills and all run on the side. A the best thing about it, everyone can do it.

Building side projects have had major impact on my business skills. Especially newsletters have been a great of improving my talent stack. A newsletter gives you exposure to so many things that are involved with a (digital) business: user growth, product, partnerships, revenue, marketing, research, analytics. My most successful side project is based around the topic of newsletters. Last year I founded a marketplace (Duuce) where people can buy and sell a newsletter. As crazy as that idea might sound, it’s pretty vibrant.  

Do you run a side project? Curious to hear about it. Reply with the link and I’ll check it out and maybe even share it in the newsletter.

We have Sponsor slots open for November and December. And also classifieds where you can promote jobs, products and even boost your Twitter profile.. Check it out here.

- Jonas 
This is a TL;DR of all (p)roduct, (n)ewsletter, (a)rticle, (k)nowledge links for this edition  
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This weeks catches 🎣
Here are some dope tools that I discovered this week.


Create repeatable checklists to help with ADHD and stop forgetting things.


100,000 tabs open because you click links like a madman? This app helps you read links on the page and keep your visitors on your page.

Insanely Useful Websites

Insanely Useful Websites
Discover websites you didn't know existed. Subscribe to our newsletter and get notified when we find new websites to share.

Newsletters 📰

My picks of dope newsletters for this week.
This past year, more and more people began sharing their WFH workspaces on Twitter. Ryan became obsessed with these spaces and set out to find and share as many as possible. He started the newsletter workspaces and started providing in depth tours of these spaces. Check out Workspaces for your own setup inspiration!

Ready for some spiritual help..You have greatness within! YouTopian Journey provides weekly motivation and wisdom to help you become mentally stronger and realize your potential. 

Interesting reads  📚

There's a lot of crap on the internet, here's a gem or two.
Why Facts don't change your mind
Humans need a reasonably accurate view of the world in order to survive. If your model of reality is wildly different from the actual world, then you struggle to take effective actions each day. However, truth and accuracy are not the only things that matter to the human mind. Humans also seem to have a deep desire to belong. Read More

Build things that do just one thing 
Growth for growth’s sake doesn’t make sense to me. We’re not Amazon. We don’t want to be Amazon. We’re privately owned & family operated – we don’t have to listen to that diatribe. Read more

Investing in Humans Is the Future of VC.
What if instead of investing in companies, you could invest in people? What if Lessin could apply the venture capital model to human beings, allowing talented young thinkers to exchange traditional debt for freedom?  Read more

Scratch Your Own Itch
Basecamp was originally designed as a way to manage 37signals' client work and its success can be credited to the fact that it was designed to scratch a very specific itch by the people with that were itching. Now, we're not saying that building something for others is necessarily a bad way to go about things, but building for your own needs has huge advantages. Watch video 
Learnings & Resources 💡
Content marketing for teams.
I wanted to organize my thoughts on how to approach different aspects of growth for startups and writing a guide for others seemed like the best way to do that. It's based on my experience building, and is also influenced by (read: liberally stolen!) other guides, tweets, conversations, etc. Read more

Rewriting landing pages with a pro copywriter.
Last week I asked people on social media to “submit your company landing page” and I’d rewrite it. Well, we did it! I teamed up with Annie Maguire, one of the best copywriters in the business. Hopefully this gives you an insight into the mind of a pro copywriter.. Check it out

1-2-1 with Nic

3 questions for Nic - former editor The Slice
1 Useful idea:

Creating is actually pretty hard. For me, content repurposing did a world of wonder for me and it allowed to have an endless of adaptable ideas at hand.

2 People you find inspiring:

2 people in the newsletter space actually: Chris Osborne and Janel Loi

1 productivity hack that helps you the most:

I wouldn’t say it’s a hack, but a thing that contribute to my productivity is the environment around me. If I’m an environment with a lot of distractions, then I’ll be less productive, so I try and build a space where distractions don’t collide with the task at hand.
Contrarian Thinking - Looking to buy a newsletter? Make the most of your acquisition with this course and take your newsletter to 7 figures.
You've probably noticed there's suddenly a TON of stuff to invest in. NFTs, Sports cards, Sneakers. So how do you keep up? Check out Alternative As​​sets. They demystify all these new markets.
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Written by Jonas| Sandymount Green, Dublin, Dublin, D04 H319, Ireland