Fifteen years of business. Ten million users, zero in funding -- a founder shares his biggest lessons.
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Happy Friday! 

Nikita Bier, a successful startup founder (he sold his company to Facebook) says that a reproducible testing process is more valuable than any one idea. You should put first focus on the innovation of the testing process before anything else. All things equal, a team with more shots at bat will win against a team with an audacious vision.

That's some solid advice. With the Slice I try to use your feedback as one of the ways I'm validating my ideas. I would appreciate if you could fill out the short survey.

Next week I have a cool thing to announce but now let’s jump into this week’s newsletter.

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- Jonas
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Everything I’ve learned from growing my product to 10 million users with $0 in funding
I’ve learned what feels like a thousand lessons over the years. So, I wanted to gather up my very best advice in one place. This is what I would tell myself as I prepared to launch the company. I hope it helps and reassures you, wherever you are on your startup journey.
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