These aren't super "easy" or "quick cash", but they can 100% be done with a little sweat equity.
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Hi! I’ll keep it short for Christmas. In this edition some good year-in-reviews and even a free template on how to make one yourself. Talking about doing things yourself, I’ve added a cool Reddit post about 3 side hustles you can start today with $0. If you’re not into building things from scratch, check out our sponsor Microns where you can kickstart your side hustle by buying a micro startup.. 

Have a great time over Xmas and see you next week!

- Jonas
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Discover the best micro-startups for sale
Delivered straight to your inbox every week, is a newsletter to help you discover the best micro-startups for sale. Join hundreds of other entrepreneurs and investors looking for their next micro-startup acquisition opportunity and, along the way, learn about how great deals are done.
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1 Useful idea
Stop caring what other people think and be yourself.

2 People you find inspiring
My wife Holly, and my business partner Wyatt Cavalier

1 Productivity hack that helps you the most
Turn your phone off or put it in another room while writing/creating.
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