For this week's newsletter: Source of the Week is taking a look at queer inclusivity in healthcare.
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Today we’re focusing on the experiences of gender diverse people in the health care system. Our source this week can also address reproductive loss, the inclusivity of sex and pleasure, and grief.

Queer visibility in healthcare

Courtesy of king yaa
Pronouns: they/them
Instagram: @queerbirthworker
king yaa is an educator who focuses on the health and wellness of queer, transgender and non-binary folks. Originally based in Cape Town, South Africa, king yaa’s work grew out of their experiences as a transmasculine genderqueer person in the health care system.
They train health and wellness practitioners to create safer and more inclusive medical practices for queer, transgender and gender diverse people.
Other sources of interest this week.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported Monday that over 177 Native Americans are missing from New Mexico and Navajo Nation. This number was recorded over the past five years and has sparked more discussions about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives. 

Michaela Madrid is the program manager of tribal governance at the Native Governance Center, a Native-led nonprofit that supports the sovereignty and governance of Native nations. Madrid focuses on tribal services, programs, and finances. She’s an expert on the ongoing humanitarian crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and an advocate for combining traditional cultural values and governance strategies to shape policy that will improve the everyday lives of Indigenous people.
Sources of the Week on the news

  • Georges Benjamin gave insight to Salon about the severity of President Joe Biden's COVID-19 case. 
  • Pedro Noguera was interviewed by AFRO News on how schools, especially those in low-income areas, are facing a teacher shortage. 
  • Dior Vargas spoke with HuffPost about how economic security provides comfort to those coping with inflation. 
  • For Forbes, Shaun Harper wrote about how remote work impacts employees of color. 
  • In The Guardian, Wilfred Chan talked to Sebastian Köhn, a Brooklyn resident, about catching monkeypox.  
  • Eddie Glaude spoke to MSNBC about 28-year-old Brianna Grier, a Black woman from Georgia who died in police custody. 
  • Karthick Ramakrishnan talked about record voter turnout for Asian American voter communities with ABC7.
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